Meet your future college: Students are welcome to attend meetings with visiting college reps

Juston Nees, Staff Writer

Seabury Hall upper school students have a chance to meet with representatives from colleges across the country and ask specific questions about the schools. These meetings are held in either the college counseling office or the Cooper House living room.

Twenty colleges, including such schools as Colorado State University and MIT, have already visited, and 40 more colleges, like University of Miami and Chapman University, will coming later this semester, with the latest date being November 12.

Seabury Hall’s college counseling assistant Francesca Cipro said in an interview that representatives are constantly being scheduled and coming to Seabury with the knowledge that they will be speaking to students who are interested and prepared.

These sessions have varying attendance and there is no certain cut off limit, meaning if a student would like to go, he or she will be able to attend regardless of how many people are already planning to go.

To sign up for these visitation sessions, all students have to do is login to Naviance where they will see the upcoming visits tab immediately and then click more info/register to get a full list of upcoming visits as well as the amount of students attending.

Upperclassmen can miss class to attend these visits with the permission of their teacher given 24 hours in advance.

Cipro advises students to take advantage of these opportunities and to learn about the school before going to a meeting so they can ask specific questions that they would not simply find on the school’s website.

“Look at their general stats and location and anything else you can find on their website to prepare for the session and also to start thinking about what question you would like to ask,” Cipro stated. This is also to ensure students do not ask obvious questions that anybody can find on Google and so students can take full advantage of the representative’s time and knowledge.

With college representatives coming from far away, it is important to maintain a certain etiquette in a visit: keep good posture, make eye contact, ask questions, stay through the entire session, and show engagement. Not only will this leave visitors with a good impression of the student, but a good overall impression of Seabury Hall and its students since students will be representing the school as well as themselves.