Seabury’s Kids Helping Kids club returns to Ka Hale A Ke Ola

Peyton Thomas, Staff Writer

Seabury Hall’s Upper School “Kids Helping Kids” club returned to the Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Center on Tuesday, September 8 with the intent to bring learning, love, and laughter to the youth who reside in the homeless shelter.

Seabury Hall seniors Scout Weymouth (Weymouth is a staff member on “The Seabury Tides”) and Joy Gentil, along with junior Peyton Thomas (Thomas is a staff member on “The Seabury Tides”), run the club along with several other senior and sophomore volunteers.

Club members volunteer weekly at the Wailuku shelter, participating in tutoring, gardening, and art projects. The club also joins with Seabury’s Rotary club to throw holiday parties for Christmas and Easter.

The club drives down to Wailuku based KHAKO on Mondays for garden work and playtime with the children and Tuesdays for tutoring and art projects from 3:30-5:00pm.

All grades and ages can participate in Kids Helping Kids and the club is always open to new, committed members. “We don’t have any freshmen members at the moment. That’d be a good addition, especially since a lot of the members are seniors,” said Karsen Owens, a Seabury Hall sophomore and Kids Helping Kids member.

“Some of the kids at the shelter will spray you with the hose and there is lots of mosquitos down there, so I recommend bringing bug spray. But it’s definitely worth it. I love spending time with the kids, giving them piggy back rides, and seeing them smile,” remarked Owens.

If students are interested in joining Kids Helping Kids they are highly encouraged to find Weymouth, Gentil, or Thomas, who are usually available if students need rides down to KHAKO, in the Seabury Hall Upper School.