Mr. Asato is a teacher, student, and traveler across the world


Courtesy of Casey Asato

Seabury Hall world history Casey Asato brings his curriculum to life by sharing stories from his extensive travels around the world.

Aiden Gera, Staff Writer

There are many questions that most people have no answer to, such as “What is your favorite food?” or “What is your favorite song?” For Seabury Hall world history teacher Casey Asato, who has been seemingly everywhere on earth, the question that is difficult for him to answer is “Where is the most memorable place you’ve traveled?”

“I have many special memories of incredible places that I hold dear to my heart,” said Asato. Asato has a certain memory for each of his travels, but the one travel that left the biggest impact on him was his trek to the mountainous village in the hinterlands of Japan.

Casey Asato was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and grew up in Kailua, where he attended Damien Memorial for his high school years. Asato’s high school was an all-boys high school, which required shirt and tie, and there was no air conditioning. It was a private school like Seabury Hall, but Asato believes that Seabury has many more opportunities.

As a high school student, Asato was a bit of a slacker. He says he should have studied more instead of going to the beach, riding his BMX, and motorcycling. He regretted that greatly in his college years, and if he could do it again, he would have studied harder.

Compared to Seabury Hall, Mr. Asato said, “Damien Memorial was a little tougher, fights after school. One time, my ride home was in a fight. He was thrown through the window of the car, and we had no windshield going home in the rain.”

In Asato’s early days, he was an athletic kid and played many sports. One year for baseball, he was a catcher, and his team lost every game by the end of the year. Although his team lost every game, he was awarded the “Mr. Hustle” award, because no matter how bad his team was losing he tried his hardest until the very end.

While growing up, Asato’s father was an important figure who influenced his life. Asato describes his father as, “A hard worker, positive, always had something good to say, and represented what hard work is.”

Asato’s teaching has taken him on a journey across the world. “It was an accident,” said Asato. He never planned to be a teacher; in fact, he majored in finance and minored in Japanese his college years at Santa Clara University.

Right after college, Asato returned to Japan, where he had studied abroad in high school. He returned to teach middle school in Japan. This is the first time he had a real job and was able to buy his own clothes and food. He was on a one-year contract that he extended because he fell in love with Japan and its culture.

After the contract ended, he returned to the United States and was trying to figure out what to do in life. He realized the happiest point in his life was when he was teaching, so the stars aligned and Casey Asato became Mr. Asato.

“Teaching is extremely difficult, but I like challenges and I’m still working it at it,” said Asato. This will be his tenth year as a teacher at Seabury Hall, and his eighteenth year as a teacher in general. In addition to his responsibilities in the classroom, Asato also serves as Seabury Hall’s director of curriculum.

Asato is not only a full-time teacher but also a full-time student. He is currently working on his doctoral degree at University of Hawaii at Manoa. Asato had previously earned two master’s degrees, and a bachelor degrees at different schools across the United States. He attended Columbia University, Sophia University in Japan, and UH Manoa.

Fellow world history teacher Michael Stone has been teaching alongside Mr. Asato for the past eight years. He teaches and collaborates with Asato in World History 9 and Global Issues. Stone has learned from Asato that, “You can always push students to strive for excellence and beyond.” He describes Asato as an organized, knowledgeable, and efficient person.

Students alike have learned from Mr. Asato, and his unique teaching style. He is a world traveler at heart, and he has created many great memories with people across the world. Being a teacher and a student shows his time management skills. He knows what it is like to have homework, and that he is not trying to kill us by assigning homework.

Asato is a great teacher with a big heart who is welcoming to all of the people he meets. If you see him around, say hello and know that he is “Mr. Hustle.”