Skylar Lickle is born to be in the ocean


Courtesy of Skyler Lickle

Whether on land or in the ocean, Seabury Hall sophomore Skylar Lickle loves to share her bubbly personality with everyone she meets.

Nattharika Kaonachaithawon, Staff Writer

People who have not met Seabury Hall’s sophomore Skylar Lickle are really missing out. She is filled with energy, and she will brighten your day. Her bubbly and energetic personality led her to surfing, which she has been doing her whole life.

Lickle was born on April 27, 2000, and she grew up in Haiku, Maui with her elder sister, McKenna, who is now 21 years old. Besides surfing, Lickle also plays basketball and water polo, and she dives.

Born and raised in Maui, Lickle loves the ocean. She said, “I go [surfing] at least every weekend and then sometimes after school.” Lickle has a passion for surfing because her dad is also a surfer. He was the first person ever to windsurf Jaws, and and he was the inventor of tow surfing.

“I guess I was just born around it, ” Lickle says as she tells why she started surfing.

When asked who her surfing inspiration was in an email she said, “[My dad] is my role model because he’s a great influence. He gave up big wave surfing because he wanted to be with our family more, so that’s a pretty big sacrifice.”

Also through an email, Lickle said, “There is no way to explain the sensation of surfing, you have to feel it for yourself. That’s a reason why you learn to surf, so you can feel what all surfers get to feel.” Lickle encourages beginning surfers to never give up.

“One thing that annoys me the most is how people give up [surfing] because they can’t stand up on their first wave,” she said.

Skylar Lickle also said that she “would love to travel to Fiji because it has a lot of great waves.”

Outside of school, she likes to hang out with her friends, surf, and, sometimes go kiting. One thing that Lickle would like to attempt is skydiving. Even though she does not have a favorite movie she says that she enjoys “Mission Impossible.”

One of her good friends, Celia Sanchez, a sophomore at Seabury Hall describes her as, “multi-talented, spunky, and happy.”

Lickle also would like to attend a college in California because there are many surfing opportunities and she does not want to give that up. However, she also admitted that she would not mind attending a college somewhere where there is snow because she also enjoys snowboarding.

Lickle said, “I’ve been thinking about being a physical trainer and nutritionist,” sharing what she would like to pursue as a career.

Lickle has a very interesting and exciting life and is also a fun person to be around. She is still not sure about the future, but for now she will be continuing to surf and pursue her career.