From Seabury student to Seabury teacher: Mr. Yashiro heads back to campus


Rachel Gilbert

Seabury Hall alum Nytn Yashiro (’10) is one of the school’s newest teachers, joining the faculty this year as an Upper School math teacher.

Rachel Gilbert, Staff Writer

Five years ago, Nytn Yashiro was being covered in leis, celebrating an end to his Seabury life and a beginning at college. Today, he is saying goodbye to college and hello again to Seabury Hall as the school’s new upper school math teacher. Yashiro returns to Seabury Hall full of purpose and with a greater responsibility: inspiring high schoolers to enjoy mathematics instead of dreading going to class.

Growing up in calm and peaceful Pukalani, Maui, Yashiro had to find entertainment when days got dull. He thoroughly enjoyed walking his dog in the golf courses and playing video games.

When he entered high school, he flourished in English. Mr. Franco, Seabury Hall’s band teacher, had the pleasure of helping him excel during band on the oboe.

When the school day came to an end, he headed to either practicing cross country, which he claims he was not the best at; track, which he enjoyed more than cross country; or paddling, where he felt most comfortable sitting in the third seat as a follower.

When Yashiro was a high school student, he never believed or dreamed about becoming a math teacher. In fact, his first career choice was computer science. He said, “I think there’s a lot you can do with it, but I thought I might get bored with it if I did it as a profession.”

After Yashiro graduated from Seabury Hall in 2010, he enrolled in Davidson College, a private, liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina. He majored in mathematics, the very subject that brought him back to Seabury Hall.

Scott Winham, head of Seabury Hall’s Upper School, had the pleasure of being Yashiro’s Algebra 2 and Precalculus teacher during Yashiro’s high school years at Seabury Hall. During Winham’s classes with Yashiro, Winham learned of Yashiro’s intelligence, diligence, and clever sense of humor.

Now as a teacher, Yashiro has a newfound role at the school. Winham noted, “I think he understands the balance between having a friendly relationship with a student but also maintaining a professional relationship with students.”

While assisting Coach Bobby Grossman with cross country, Yashiro was asked by the coach to help with Seabury Hall’s girls cross country team, which made him think about teaching at Seabury Hall. After more thought and research, Yashiro found an open position for Upper School Algebra 2 and Precalculus mathematics.

“I definitely came back just because it’s my old high school,” said Yashiro.

Yashiro was surprised when he was chosen for the position; however, he did believe he had a slight advantage because of his past relationships with Mr. Winham and the school’s teachers.

Yashiro brings many fine qualities to our Seabury Hall campus such as mathematical skills, youthfulness, and astounding advice. His youthfulness comes in handy because he remembers what it is like to be in high school, making him a great source of advice for high schoolers.

“The teachers work really hard, so be respectful to them and also try your best to succeed,” Yashiro advises. “Just don’t slack off. Don’t be a slacker.”