Like a good neighbor, student body president Hayden Timmons is there


Seabury Hall’s student body president, Hayden Timmons, hopes to leave a lasting mark on the school.

Scout Weymouth, Staff Writer

Fresh off the plane from his hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah, Hayden Timmons took Seabury Hall by storm when he entered as a new sophomore in August 2013.

Because he was flown here, not grown here, Timmons believes he has a special duty to the island of Maui. “I make it a goal that as I explore all of the attractions that Maui has to offer, I do my part in preserving its beauty wherever I go,” he said.

Timmons usually makes it a point to clean up trash and remove the things that don’t belong when he is hanging out with friends or participating in his three favorite activities: surfing, skim boarding, and playing soccer.

Whether it was dominating the soccer field, “shredding the gnar” for Seabury’s surf team, or helping earn over $8,000 for student council, Timmons quickly proved to be a vital member of the community during his first two years attending Seabury Hall. This year, he has taken on one of the most important roles at Seabury Hall: student body president.

Timmons first got involved with student council last year when he led the spirit committee to a record breaking earning of about $8,000 selling Spartan shirts. It was here that he got a taste of what student council was like.

However, Timmon’s predilection for leadership began much earlier. “When I was elected for student council in elementary school, I knew that it was my destiny to become student body president,” Timmons said.

Although his days on the spirit committee are over, Timmons has made it his personal goal to “enhance the sense of community and school spirit here at Seabury Hall.”

Bringing the student body together is a goal for student council as a whole, and Timmons believes that the best way to achieve this is “through promoting positive student interactions in sporting and extracurricular activities.” Over the last few years, attendance at school events has been uninspiring; however, it won’t be surprising if attendance at Seabury Hall games, plays, and other school events skyrockets under Timmon’s tenure.

Molly Schad, a newcomer to student council, will be supervising Timmons and the rest of the members of student council this year as the faculty advisor. Schad has only good things to say about the new student body president of Seabury Hall. When asked about his skills as a leader, Mrs. Schad said, “Hayden has already found the balance between energy and focus. He is willing to do and try anything so the sky is really the limit for student council this school year. As long as we keep coming up with great ideas, Hayden will help his team implement and execute.”

Timmons illustrated how he is not afraid to reach for the stars when he said, “I hope to change how the students perceive school in general.” Timmons has a very positive outlook about school as a whole. Whether it be academics, athletics, or extracurriculars, Timmons is a role model for students in all aspects of life at Seabury Hall.

Besides his enthusiasm and positivity, Mrs. Schad also appreciates that fact that “Hayden is not afraid to be 100% himself. He is proud and comfortable with who he is, he’s willing to take chances for a greater reward, and he honestly accepts all risks and consequences associated with those chances.”

The future of this year is looking brighter and brighter with each assembly and student council meeting that are run in the hands of President Timmons.