Seabury Hall alum Danny Boren zipped through the air to business success

Devon Fleck, Staff Writer

Danny Boren, a graduate of Seabury Hall from the class of 1996, has paved the way for ziplining across the United States. Skyline Eco-Adventures is a local business that has tour locations on Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island, but it has made a national impact on ziplining in the United States by being the country’s first zipline company.

Boren attended Seabury Hall from the sixth to twelfth grades. “I was part of the first sixth grade class,” he stated.

Seabury Hall has changed considerably since Boren attended the school over twenty years ago. “The facilities are way better than they used to be. The middle school building, which is probably an old building, wasn’t even built when I first started. I mean just the facilities that you guys have are just way way better than when we were there. But the quality of education was always really good, and just the teachers really caring about what the students are doing and really just giving that extra effort is what I think makes all the difference at Seabury,” said Boren.

Like many people, Boren also had a favorite class in high school. Boren enjoyed attending Seabury Hall. “I really liked English a lot. I had a guy named Mr. Anderson who was my senior English teacher, who I liked a lot. He was really good. He was strict and what not, but was just a really good teacher. Mr. Van Amburgh is a great English teacher as well. I had a class with Mr. Dependahl that I really enjoyed. It was great. So I’d probably say English class.”

After graduating from Seabury Hall, Boren went to three universities. The first university that Boren attended was the University of Utah, then Suffolk University,and then he graduated from Northeastern University in Boston. “ I kind of always followed my interests. For me, I went to the University of Utah because I like to snowboard. I went to Boston because I like music, so I liked the music scene that why I went out there for that,” said Boren.

Boren majored in entrepreneurship in college, and he always knew that he wanted to start a business. After a trip to Costa Rica, he discovered that he was interested in creating a zipline tour.
“The idea came from when I was traveling in Central America, while I was down there I tried out a zipline tour. It was a canopy tour, treetop to treetop in Costa Rica. So my dad was down there with me at the time in Central America. We started talking about it and thought it would be a great business to start here on Maui,” said Boren, who created the first ziplining business in the United States.

A budding idea turned into a great business, economically and environmentally. “I mean like any business we give jobs to people in the community. We currently across the state employ about one hundred people. We also try to focus on being as green as a business as we can,” said Boren.

He attributes his company’s success to the employees that work for Skyline Eco-Adventures. “I think that for our company’s success it’s completely about the people that we have. From the guides to the retail stuff to the ropes teams, it’s nice. I really love all the people that we have here. It’s just an awesome group of people,” said Boren.

Skyline Eco-Adventures has also become an environmentally friendly example for other ziplining businesses. “So the fact that, that industry is being focused on environmental types of things. I think is partially because that is one of the things that we focused on early on, so I think that is a big benefit,” said Boren.

Skyline Eco-Adventures has been able to support the environment by planting trees and donating to local environmental businesses. “We do tree planting. We restored a five or six acre area that was just former pasture land into a koa forest, and it’s really cool to see native birds. It’s cool to have the validation from the native species that only live in a native forest that they will actually come by and stop by our course now, when for decades they never went there because there are no native trees,” said Boren, talking about the Haleakala tour.

Boren’s company also gives charity to local business focused on helping the planet. “On top of that, we give a lot of money back to charity. We give to One Percent of the Planet. We give at least one percent to environmental groups always focused on the areas that we do business. And we also give more money back to other nonprofits that aren’t environmental, like more community groups and then kind of science and health groups as well. Basically, since we started, we have given about a million dollars to charity,” said Boren.

The major contributions that have been made by Boren’s business have helped to shape the Maui community into a greener, more economically stable place.