Opinion: A simple solution to a sticky situation

Jessica Brown, Assistant Editor

I love gum. I think that it’s tasty and entertaining, and it can even improve brain function. The simple question of “Hey, do you want some gum?” can be a great icebreaker.

But what I don’t love about gum is people who decide that instead of their throwing finished gum away in the trash like any normal person, they take that wad of sticky, spit-coated nastiness out of their mouths and stick it on the bottom of a table, chair, on a locker door, in the carpet, or even on the base of a standing fan (seriously).

Honestly, if you are someone who does this, what are you thinking? There is at least one trash can in every classroom at Seabury Hall, and outside there are trash cans all over campus, so you have no excuse to not put your gum in a trashcan. Additionally, do you know how disgusting it is too touch the underside of a table and feel someone else’s old, chewed up wad of gum, or get it stuck to your knee when you accidentally bump your leg on the table? It is nasty, and it happens all the time.

Sticking your gum on this myriad of surfaces is also extremely disrespectful to the groundskeepers, janitors, kitchen staff, teachers, and other people who do their best to keep the school nice and clean. You might as well be sticking that gum on their shoes because they are the people who have to deal with your mess.

If you are doing this because you are afraid of getting in trouble for chewing gum in class, then you are more likely to get in trouble for sticking your gum under the table. If teachers see you throw gum in the trashcan, then the majority of them will not care or even mention it. But if you get caught sticking it under a table, then it’s pretty much a surefire way to get detention.

The reason why schools even have gum rules in place is because people are gross and do not dispose of their properly, so by sticking your gum somewhere instead of just throwing it away, you are only adding to the problem.

If you’re someone who does this, then please stop and start getting rid of your gum the right way. You are part of a community here, so start acting like it and do your part to keep that community clean.

People hate finding old gum all over place, so next time you find yourself chewing a piece of gum, please stop, think, and throw it away responsibly.