Final bow: Seniors in the Dance Company say goodbye

Tait Longhi, Staff Writer

There is only one sport at Seabury Hall that that requires yearly participation, practice six to seven days a week, and has traveled to Miami to demonstrate its work. The answer, if you guessed, is not baseball, basketball, or even football teams. Rather, it is a much more visually pleasing activity: Seabury Hall’s Dance Company.

As the final performance of the year, Seabury Hall’s Dance Showcase always finds a way to stand out. “This show is different because it’s really an array of styles of dance,” said junior dancer and Company member Heather Kelsey.

Along with being the final performance of the school year, it is also the final performance for all the seniors currently in the Company. The dancers performed in their last showcase on Sunday, April 26.

Senior and Company dancer Halia Haynes said, “I think this one is going to have a lot more heart in it for the seniors since it’s our last show and our last goodbye.”

Out of the five seniors in the Company, three of the dancers, Laurel Bicker, Halia Haynes, and Sophia Hill have been dancing for it since their freshman year at Seabury Hall. Gabriella Diaz has been dancing in the Company for two years, and Mikela Wesson has been in the group for only one year.

Junior Emily Pluchos, who has been dancing in the Company since her freshman year, said, “The Company has helped make a new family for myself because I’ve become so close to all the company members.”

The five seniors leaving have certainly brought a new attitude and work ethic to the dance program at Seabury Hall. Kelsey said, “This year the seniors were extremely positive and brought out a really fun side in all of us. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think dance would be as fun as it is now.”

Dance director David Ward, who has been choreographing for Seabury Hall dancers for nearly 30 years compared this group to his previous dancers, stating, “In over a dozen company trips in the past 26 years, to one place or another, this group stands out as the most loving and supportive group I’ve ever had.”

The dance showcase consisted of 16 dances, including a seven-piece Ella Fitzgerald tribute, and was seamlessly executed from all dance levels. The five seniors danced to their own choreography to “I Lived” by One Republic. Since this dance was the only performance where all the seniors danced alone together on stage, it was an incredibly emotional piece. As the lights dimmed, the five girls hugged each other in a teary embrace before rushing to their next costume change.

Now that the show has closed, and the dancers have completed their final leaps and pliés, Ward has some parting words for the girls leaving: “I would like to say to these brilliant young women as they head off on the next part of their incredible journey, remember your time here and the love we shared! You are all amazing individuals who can and will change the world! You are superstars that have touched my life, and I’m a better person for it!”