A family built through baseball

Owen Meadows, Staff Writer

This year’s Seabury Hall baseball team was one of the youngest groups of players in the team’s history, yet this did not hold them back. The team was upbeat, dedicated, and overall, very close.

The team had to work with only fifteen players, compared to last season’s twenty-one. Featuring only four seniors, it was overall a very young team. With such fresh players, senior leaders Keanu Catugal, Robert Prouty, Kevin Lewis, and Harrison Wright were tasked with guiding the team.

As the team captain, Catugal attempted to raise his team up. “It was really great to be captain. Starting off the team was pretty iffy. It was a lot of underclassmen. But towards the end of the season we kind of came together,” said Catugal.

“Keanu tries to lead with example. When he talks to the team, he talks to them with respect. He promotes positive leadership,” said Seabury Hall’s baseball coach, John Plunkett.

The seniors took in the young players, and through great support, they helped the team to grow throughout the season. “They aren’t your regular starters; they are support people. The seniors were able to bring this young team together. They have a lot of heart,” said Plunkett.

“The best part is knowing that the program is going to have a strong future. There’s a lot of young talent on the team,” said Prouty.

With such a small group of players, it was vital to coach Plunkett that every player became involved. “My goal was to find a role for all fifteen players to be part of this team. When they understand their role, then they know they are a part of the team. There are no all-stars. Everyone plays their best,” he said.

In order to prepare such a young team, the team made sure to follow a regular training schedule throughout their week of practices. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the team practiced at school and primarily focused on hitting. However, on the remaining days the team had the opportunity to practice at Eddie Tam, where they used a full field to properly train. On these days, the team developed their base running and defensive skills. Finally, on occasion the team divided up and scrimmaged each other to get the full game experience.

The team finished the MIL season in third place and moved on towards the championship tournament. The team finished their season in a game against Saint Anthony High School on Thursday, April 23. Unfortunately, the team suffered a loss and was not able to continue to the championship game.

The team truly come a long way in developing their skills this season. The young group of players began as a unbalanced, fresh team. However, with proper training and growth, the team grew to be a well-functioning machine. The players became more than just a group of high school boys. Through their journey, they have become a close-knit family.

“We mesh really well. I’m proud to say that the underclassmen have really become a part of my family,” said Catugal.