Winning is in sight for Seabury Hall’s boys volleyball team as they head to the MIL championships

Devon Fleck, Staff Writer

Despite a challenging start this season due to a lack of energy, Seabury Hall’s boys volleyball team is starting to make a comeback just in time for the MIL championships, which begin on Thursday, April 30 on Lanai.

“There have been a lot of ups and downs. The ups have been just seeing the growth individually amongst the boys as well as together as a team. Starting off very rough and you know not very competitive to kind of growing as individuals, and trying to grow as a team together,” said coach Caleb Palmer about the current volleyball season.

Leading up to the MILs has not been too easy. “For downs, it’s mainly because we haven’t had enough energy, so we weren’t able to play at our best. For example, when we went to Hana, they weren’t necessarily better than us. In fact, we could have beat them, but we were all really exhausted from the road to Hana. So lately we’ve been working a lot during practices and games to boost our energy,” said junior Noah Jarrett who has been playing for Seabury Hall’s boys volleyball team for two years.

“And with our team, our team does really well if we’re in the moment and just like having a lot of fun, and keeping them in there just enjoying volleyball is key,” said senior Makena Jost, who is the team’s captain.

There’s always enough time for a comeback, especially for the MILS. “I feel like were going do a lot better than our normal season if we play as a team instead of always blaming each other for the mistakes but just shake it off. And I feel like it’s going to be super intense if we play our hardest because everyone else is going to bring their game because it’s to go to states and they only take one take one team,” said sophomore Trystin Hooper

Senior Jordan Haylor spoke about the about the MILs “I think it’s really cool to see all four teams in Division II are very evenly matched, and it’ll be a good tournament”

“We had kind of a rough start but were definitely improving as a team, and we’re coming on strong to some of our new components,” said Jarrett.

Bringing back the energy madea positive change to the team’s outlook on playing. The boy’s volleyball team will have MILs on Lanai, where they will play Thursday, April 30 against Lanai’s boy’s volleyball team.