Seabury Hall’s girls softball team: A successful season, a promising future


Danica Cooley

The close-knit girls of Seabury Hall’s softball team celebrate senior Danica Cooley, who is the sole senior on the team.

Aria DiMartino, Staff Writer

Sports are not only about playing hard and winning games. When you join a team you become part of a family that learns and grows together in the hope of achieving a common goal. The Seabury Hall girls softball team has become a close-knit group of girls throughout the season and shares the dream of reaching states.

“Our team is really close,” said Kiana Hyman, one of many new freshmen who joined the team this year. Seabury Hall’s softball team is known in their division for playing at a high level, but this season has been about training hard and setting the team up for an even brighter future.

“Our team is very young. My hope for the season is to continue working harder and training all of our new girls and getting them more experience and exposure, and I hope that we go to states,” said junior Pili Hao-Meyer, who has been playing softball for 12 years.

While some players might have seen the lack of experienced players as an obstacle, the softball team stepped up to the plate and made sure their team played as well as ever.

“We only have one senior,” explained Andrew Burger, the coach of the softball team. “Danica Cooley does an outstanding job. She’s very receptive to what the coaches have to share with her. There are many times when I just tell her, ‘Ya know, this needs to come from you,’ and the kids react to her. She demands respect, and she’s earned it and she gives it as well.”

Cooley also a role model who has set an example that players on the team will have to live up to even after she graduates. Hao-Meyer said, “She’s done a good job of leading the team and being that role model that we all need to know how we need to carry on after she’s gone.”

“I knew they were a competitive team,” Burger answered about his first impression of the girls, “not a team you could just show up against and expect to play and get a W.” They have proved him right. So far this season the team’s record is four wins two losses and they plan on only adding more wins.

The team looks forward to their last games of the regular season this weekend against Lānaʻi on Friday, April 24 and Saturday, April 25. The softball girls are also preparing for MIL’s in Hana the following week, where they will play all of the other teams in the their division including their biggest competition: Moloka’i.

Coach Burger, who has been coaching the team for eight years, is also optimistic about the remainder of the season. “We’re gonna be a tough team to beat,” he said about the rest of the season.

Yet, no matter the outcome of the remainder of the season, the Seabury Hall softball team has become a strong, tight-knit group. Through their hard work and determination to succeed, they have ensured an even more rewarding season next year.