Opinion: The year 2015 according to ‘Back to the Future Part II’


Universal Pictures

With promises like flying cars, hoverboards, and electric jackets, people could not wait for 2015 in the 1989 film “Back to the Future Part II.” Some of these promises have come true, while others have yet to be fulfilled.

In 1989, audiences who watched the film “Back to the Future Part II” in theaters got to travel with Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown to the future date of October 21, 2015. Both the audiences and Marty were in awe for what future had in store. With promises like flying cars, hoverboards, and electric jackets, people could not wait for 2015.

Now, 26 years later, it is finally 2015, but why does the future feel so different? Is it possible that Marty and Doc Brown may have altered the space-time continuum during their adventures, thus accidentally creating the future we inhabit now? Exactly what promises was “Back to the Future Part II” able to keep?

While wandering through the street’s of future Hill Valley, Marty Mcfly is attacked by a giant shark. Fortunately, it turns out to be just a 3D hologram that is used to promote the 19th installment of the Jaw’s franchise. Today, holograms have been seen at events, like concerts, but it has not been used to project a movie in the theaters.

It is also unlikely that we will have 15 Jaws sequels releasing this year. Yet this prediction was also a bit accurate. It was able predict that Hollywood would implement 3D imagery into film and that we would hold an obsession towards movie sequels.

For some reason, flying cars are usually the ideal image of the future according to most movies and television, including “Back to the Future Part II.” In fact, right when Marty and the Doc arrive to the future, they face incoming flying traffic on the skyway, the highway for flying vehicles. Obviously, we do not have that in our timeline, as our land vehicles can’t leave the ground. Doc Brown may not need roads, but we still do!

There is also the huge promise of hoverboards in 2015 that people were most excited for. Of course, we do not have that now; however, a company called Hendo actually developed a prototype hoverboard a few months ago. Unlike Marty’s hoverboard, the Hendo hoverboard is bulky, can only lift a half an inch above the ground, and requires to be inside a magnetic field. I guess it is a start for a new way to cruise around.

Apparently over the course of time, fashion was supposedly to get more “creative.” 2015 introduced different new forms of fashion that supposedly would be common in the 21st century. It introduced citizens wearing bright flashy colored clothings, businessman with double neckties, and gang of bullies wearing clothing as if it was constructed by Radioshack appliances. Marty even had to wear his shirt and pockets inside-out in order to fit in with the latest fashion fad.

It may have been considered cool in the 1980s, but by today’s standards, these trends would be ridiculous. But to be honest, there have been some modern fashion trends that may also be considered strange. I’ll at least admit that Marty’s electric jacket and power lacing Nike shoes were cool, and fortunately, Nike is planning on releasing power-lacing shoes sometime this year.

Obsession with Technology
If there was one thing “Back to the Future Part II” was able to actually capture, it was how we would be too reliant and obsessed with technology. Almost everyone in the future seems to be too reliant and attached to technology. This is best seen when the future Mcfly family is at the dinner table, where the two teenage kids are too busy on their Video Glasses (Google Glasses?). This is no different than a teenager on his or her cell phone during dinner.

There was a lot of predictions from the film that missed their marks, but I guess you can’t expect a movie to predict the future (unless the writer happens to have a time machine). While we may have missed out on hoverboards, we still live in a pretty good future. This does make me wonder on what else the future holds and what to come. Well lets just hope that in 2029, we are not being destroyed by Skynet and the Terminators.