Tatiana Ringsby is Seabury Hall’s social media butterfly


Courtesy of Tatiana Ringsby

With her contributions to Instagram and YouTube, Seabury Hall freshman Tatiana Ringsby proves how social media can broaden an individual’s life and bring new opportunities and friendships.

With the help of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, Seabury Hall freshman Tatiana Ringsby puts herself out to the social media public. However, Ringsby doesn’t have a small crowd of followers. With 36,000 followers on Instagram alone, Ringsby expresses herself through pictures of her daily life.

Ringsby’s success in the social media world began during spring break in 2014. Ringsby was in Colorado and a girl commented on a picture on her Instagram and told her that she and another girl were making a collaboration channel on YouTube and asked Ringsby if she wanted to join. “And now I make videos weekly!” said Ringsby.

On their YouTube channel “The Rad and Reckless,” Ringsby and her collaborating friends come up with a new theme every week and each make a different video on the topic. The topics are usually personal, so despite the fact that each girl makes a video on a different topic in a category, their videos are also very different because each of their personalities are grasped in their videos.

Some of the topics include “Things that _____ would say,” so Ringsby made a video of “Things that teachers would say,” and the other collaborators wrote on their own subject. Since she gets over 21,000 views on her videos, Ringsby expresses herself to other girls like her and creates opportunities for herself in the public world using social media.

Ringsby is a fifteen-year-old comedian, business woman, and high school student who has experienced the benefits of social media. “Social media has impacted my life, and it’s been crazy. I’ve met some of my best friends through social media, and I know they will be lifelong friends. I’ve also been able to be a part of shows, which means a fan will buy a ticket. Since I don’t sing, I’ll be the host of the show, which means that way they can see meet and greets. It’s been a whole other world. It’s been crazy,” Ringsby explained.

Ringsby acquired all of this exposure mainly from the YouTube videos she and her friends make. On her YouTube channel, she has available the links to all of her other social media pages, so viewers can follow her as a social media icon for some laughs and beautiful pictures.

“With Instagram, since I have grown so much, I will also do sponsorships, so people will send me stuff, and now I charge money. If they have a clothing brand and they send me a shirt, I will say, ‘Oh and I have a posting fee too,’ so I’ll post a picture in their clothes and be like, ‘Go check out their shop!’” said Ringsby.

When asked what her followers don’t know about her, she reveals that she isn’t much different in real life than she is in her videos.

Her older brother, Justin Ringsby, who is a senior at Seabury Hall, commented on his sister’s success, stating, “Tatiana is creative and hardworking. She has over 38k followers on Instagram and successfully runs a YouTube channel. In the future, I think she will have a job in the media industry, not in academics.”

Individuals, like Ringsby, help broaden the concept of social media, and in return, it broadens and gives depth to people who invest their time and lives into it. Hopefully, Ringsby’s social media journey will inspire those who feel they have something to share with the world, and allow them to put themselves out there as Ringsby has done.