Seabury Hall’s student nutritionist: Nanea Haynes


Aria DiMartino

Seabury Hall sophomore Nanea Haynes shares her passion for good health and delicious foods through her raw food business.

Sometimes the smallest experiments can help in the discovery of a new passion or a complete life change. This was certainly true for Seabury Hall sophomore Nanea Haynes whose dedication to being healthy started with a single recipe.

“I found a recipe to make regular Twix bars and then I was like, ‘Oh Hey that’s so easy.’ I can just substitute some stuff and it ended up tasting really good and over the summer I made a bunch of them and I would start giving them to friends and my coaches and they really liked them, so I thought why don’t I just sell them,” explained Haynes, and that is exactly what she did. Since September, Haynes has been selling her raw Twix bars at several locations on Maui, and she plans on expanding from there.

As a Seabury Hall sophomore, Haynes already has a heavy workload, but she pushes herself to her limit, achieving high grades in all of her classes, including her several honors classes.

“[Haynes] takes her work really seriously, and she’s very very diligent. The example that comes to mind is when we were doing the timeline and the chalk pictures on the sidewalk and she realized she had drawn it and completed it in the wrong location. She erased it and started again and still finished on time. A lot of other people realized they made a mistake and just said, ‘Oh well,’ but she is the person who goes back and does it twice so it’s right,” said Makalani Tyau, a world history teacher at Seabury Hall.

Even though she has not pieced all of her interests together yet, Haynes’s obvious passion for nutrition secures her a promising future. “I want to involve nutrition into something that I do, but I might just take a minor in nutrition,” shared Haynes. “And I think I want to be involved in law. But then I also want to be involved in some sort of medical degree, so I don’t know where this is going to take me.”

Although most people do not understand the allure of such a strict diet, Haynes feels passionately that her healthy lifestyle is purely positive. “A lot of people can be really stereotypical,” said Haynes about raw foods with raw foods, “like, ‘It looks gross’ or ‘It tastes like nothing.’ But I really think it tastes good.”

“I can tell that I am a lot more energetic. I’m a lot better in sports. I just feel a lot better, and I don’t have as many breakouts as I used to. Everything just kind of aligns when you start eating healthier,” Haynes reported about the effects of her change of diet, which included cutting out grains, refined sugar, and fatty dairy products out of her diet. This decision to completely change her diet is ultimately what lead her to start her business.

“I started selling the raw Twix bars at the farmers market, but I had a mentor through this whole thing,” said Haynes. She began working for her mother’s friend Michelle Kubinski, a raw chef and business owner, who appointed Haynes to be in charge of her business Instagram feed. As Haynes popularized Kubinski’s Instagram, she herself became interested in raw foods, and with her boss as a mentor, Haynes began to sell her Twix bars.

With her original intention of saving up for a camera case discarded, Haynes has set new goals for her business. She is currently looking at offers to sell her bars at two more stores. Haynes said, “I’ve been testing out more things, but, yeah, I definitely want to grow until I can’t anymore.”

To improve your diet, Haynes advises, “always have color on your plate, incorporate vegetables, especially in snacks.” She continued, “Going completely raw might be really challenging and it might even hurt your digestive system.” Instead, she advises doing a cleanse by eating only raw foods or drinking juice for a short amount of time.

“Know what you’re doing and don’t follow the fad diets. Take eating healthy seriously and just eat healthy instead of trying to find all the tricks” is Haynes last important piece of advice. Don’t be intimidated by Haynes’s accomplishments; start slow and gradually change your habits to build a healthier life, and remember that everyone starts as a beginner. If you ever need advice or have questions about eating healthier, Haynes is always available to help out.