Seabury Hall’s girls soccer team plays with spirit


Sumner Erdman

This year’s girls soccer team hopes to build on the successes established by last year’s team, which is featured in this photo.

It is safe to say that Seabury Hall’s girls soccer team wins first place for the most spirited soccer team on Maui. Each time the girls step foot onto the field, their contagious smiles and infectious enthusiasm light up the atmosphere.

The team’s head coach, Sumner Erdman, has seen the evolution of Seabury Hall’s girls soccer from the beginning. “I started coaching as an assistant coach to Fred Rawe in the 1988-1989 season. I became the head coach in the 1989-1990 season. I coached for 12 years and then took a break. I returned for the 2006-2007 season. This will be my 21st season as the Seabury girls head coach,” he said.

The team has won multiple games and played at states the past four years in a row, competing at the Division II level. They plan to improve their legacy in the years to follow, starting with their first game this season on Saturday, Dec. 20.

Since the girls spend 10-12 hours a week rigorously practicing and perfecting themselves as players, they definitely deserve the attention they receive. “Hard work pays off,” said Alyssa Walin, sophomore and a member of Seabury Hall’s girls soccer team.

Playing with the team since freshman year, senior Kate Peterson has witnessed all that has gone on throughout each season. She said, “Every year the team bonds more and more. Not only do we support each other on the field, but also outside of the sport we are like a family. I think this year especially, the seniors are able to really work together.”

Sophomore Nanea Haynes backs up this claim by saying, “The girls are really close. I can remember last year at states, we developed a special connection with one another.”

The team maintains a balance of good health and good sportsmanship on and off the field. It is clear that these girls really do love their sport. They want to be there and that is what makes them great. Passion leads to dedication, ultimately leading to success.

Erdman said, “My favorite thing about coaching is the players. I truly enjoy watching the growth of the players, not just as players but as people. It gives me great pleasure to watch as the freshman grow into seniors and then go on to college and the rest of their lives.”

Peterson said, “This year we have started practicing early, and I can already tell that the players we have are all here for the sport. The dedication of our team is obvious and I’m excited to see how the season plays out.”

There is a strong value of playing to one’s best potential on the team, and despite losses, the soccer team keeps their heads held high and pushes on with overflowing confidence. There are approximately 20 players this year, all ready to put forth their potential on the field.