Opinion: Starbucks’s gains are Seabury Hall’s losses

Beep, Beep, Beep!

The obnoxious sound of your alarm clock torments your eardrums, and the sunlight shines straight through the open window with deliberate intentions of murdering your eyesight. Does this situation seem familiar to you? Every day, students are forced to wake up at the break of dawn, drag themselves to school, and endure hours of rigorous school work.

There is one solution that will aid to this constant suffering, and that answer is coffee. Not only will coffee wake you up, but it will also brighten your eyes, expand your mind, and bring happiness to the heart. So to benefit Seabury Hall’s students and faculty, the snack shop should begin selling coffee.

Currently, coffee is not sold in the snack shop because of its addictive qualities. Scott Winham, the head of Seabury Hall’s upper school, said, “Fundamentally, we don’t want students to rely on caffeine and substances in general.” However, most Seabury Hall students already consume coffee on a daily basis. They reluctantly spend money on overpriced Starbucks coffee drinks when they could be paying a reasonable price for coffee on the campus.

The benefits of coffee are endless. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that can improve health. Once taken into the body, the caffeine from the coffee enters into your bloodstream, ultimately traveling straight to the brain. Along with academic benefits, coffee can improve physical performance, which is perfect for those who are involved in sports after a long day of studying at school.

Teachers, are you tired of constantly catching glimpses of students dozing off during a lesson in your class? This recurring and annoying routine results from lack of sleep, which is understandable considering the amount of time spent on homework as well as after school activities on a daily basis. With coffee provided at school, say goodbye to sleepy students and hello to bright eyes and affirmative thinking.

Friends, have the constant negative comments and grumpy attitude of your colleagues reached your last nerve? If they had a coffee in hand every day at school, guaranteed this issue would diminish. Happiness would flourish throughout the campus at an increasing rate.

Most importantly for the school as a whole, coffee would be an amazing source of money for student government’s fundraising committee. Imagine how much money is spent on the overpriced Starbucks drinks that seniors are forced to purchase because of the absence of coffee on the campus. If Seabury Hall were to sell coffee at the snack shop, the fundraising committee would become richer from the profit. Ultimately, this would lead to more student-involved activities, better dances, and a better prom.

The advantages of coffee are clear. It brightens, enlightens, and energizes the human mind, and it has great potential to boost funds for student government. While it can be somewhat addictive, the snack shop should sell coffee to the students and faculty of Seabury Hall.