Opinion: The five people on social media you love to unlike

Social media has many benefits; you can share your life with friends and family, connect with others, and spread awareness about important topics. However, it has its downfalls.

From the onstant complainers to the attention cravers, social media is filled with many types of annoying people. Five of the most offensive and most common types of people on social media are the Grammar Police, the Shoutout Extremists, the Constant Complainers, the Excessive Hashtaggers, and the Intentionally Uninvited.

The Grammar Police.
One day you post a picture of a slice of apple pie on Instagram. You caption it, “I lov apple pie.” Then somebody comments “love*.” It is obvious that you know how to spell the word love, yet this grammarian decides it is their mission to correct you. The Grammar Police feel the need to correct others, and most likely enjoy it.

The Shoutout Extremists
You scroll through your Instagram feed and someone says, “Shoutout for shoutout? Comment when done.” This action is mostly geared towards getting more followers. People will then post a picture of them saying, “Follow!” The first person is supposed to “shoutout” every person that shouts them out. The amount of these shoutouts ranges, but there are always numerous pictures of random people saying, “Follow!” These people are the Shoutout Extremists. They become a problem because all you want to do is scroll through your Instagram feed, but it consists of a never-ending list of shoutouts due to a person’s need to have more followers. I do not think that this is an efficient way to get followers. It just makes me want to unfollow the person and whomever they are “shouting out.”

The Constant Complainers
These people feel the need to tell everyone that has the heart to follow them about their relationship problems, school troubles, etc. This can get extremely annoying. No one wants to see screenshots of your messages with your boyfriend or girlfriend and the long rant that comes with them. Social media is not a diary. Putting all of your thoughts and feelings into your status updates or instagram posts can cause unnecessary drama.

The Excessive Hashtaggers
Although they may not be as common today as they were a few years ago, Excessive Hashtaggers make the list of the five most annoying types of people on social media. We still see them today, saying things like “#girl #beach #tan #brunette #towel,” and the list goes on. There is nothing wrong with having one or two hashtags but “#towel,” really? Hashtags, like “#tagsforlikes,” became a way for people to gain more followers and likes. Most of these hashtags are completely unnecessary and may even end in the person losing followers.

The Intentionally Uninvited
These people have a fear of being left out. Their need to be a part of everything is so compulsory that sometimes they even invite themselves. They are often referred to as “FOMO,” meaning “Fear of Missing Out.” These are the people that say, “Thanks for the invite” or “Why wasn’t I invited.” You cannot expect to be invited to every event or party and by being a party crasher, it might prevent you from being invited to anything in the future.

Social media is full of annoying people. People tend to think that because they are behind a phone screen there will be no consequences for what they do on social media. So for all of those Grammar Police, Shoutout Extremists, Complainers, Hashtaggers, and Party Crashers out there, try to limit these actions. Sure, we can all make mistakes and we each act like some of these people once in a while, but let’s hold off on the hashtags, save the edits for the English teachers, and keep the drama in our diaries.