Opinion: The cold truth

You would not want sit in class during a double block next to the embodiment of a crowded locker room, would you? Or hug someone covered in sweat? Don’t you wish they would just take a hot shower and clean up after their workout?

They wish they could, too.

For nearly two and a half years now, the water heater for the boys locker room has been broken, leaving half of Seabury Hall’s population without a fair opportunity to clean up after their respective athletic events or workouts.

Some people may say, “Why not just take a cold shower? It’s not that bad.”

Those people are wrong.

Speaking from experience, cold water is not a desirable end to a workout. In fact, in the boys locker room, it is hardly tolerable. You are already cold and covered in sweat, so the showers only worsen the predicament.

Seabury Hall exists in an area with a cold climate compared to the rest of the island. Any student who has been to Seabury Hall for at least a year understands how the climate is only hot for about two and a half months of the school year. From October to mid-April, the temperature rarely reaches over the mid-to-high seventies. No student athlete is going to willingly leave the gym, which is very warm, while covered in sweat to be exposed to cold weather. Unfortunately, they often have to change and leave while still cold, their muscles never properly relaxing.

This past year, Seabury Hall installed solar panels on the roof of the gymnasium. Those panels provide 8,640 kilowatt hours of power per month on average, saving the school roughly $3,000 per month based on the current Maui Electric rates. An industrial tankless electric water heater can be purchased for little more than $5,000, and would cost approximately under $1,000 per month to run.

According to Seabury Hall’s headmaster Joe Schmidt, the school is looking in to renovate the lower gym locker room area this upcoming summer and does not want to have remove the walls twice over the course of a few months.

However, the students have been suffering for years now. The well-being of the student athletes should not be jeopardized by a single wall. The water heater has been broken for far too long. I do not think a plan for this summer would prohibit the repairing of an almost three-year-old maintenance issue.

At Seabury Hall, all it takes is a few students to make a change, so it is about time we stood up, showed the numbers, and officially requested a new water heater in the boys locker room. We will be helping students for years to come.

So keep this in mind next time your classroom smells like the weight room. Think about the difference there would be if there was a working water heater in the boys locker room.