Opinion: Why it’s cool to be a geek

There was once a time when it was considered uncool to be a geek. If you were labeled as a geek, you may have been bullied or laughed at. During the 21st century, though, it is now cool to be a geek. That’s right: being a geek is cool.

What is a geek? Well, a geek is type of person who has an obsession towards a topic. However, I personally prefer to see a geek as not just a person who is a obsessed towards a topic, but also has a passion towards it. Geeks tend to be more expressive about their fandom and can talk about for a long time. There is nothing wrong with being a fanboy/girl towards certain topics; in fact, many geeks have embraced their roles, thus making them more accepted by others.

The geek culture has also been embraced by the multiple source of media. The film industry has embraced geek culture; many films once only beloved by geeks are now enjoyed by the general public. Superhero movies (a genre that’s popular among geek culture) are now loved by geeks and non-geeks, with many superhero flicks dominating box-offices, like “The Avengers,” “Ironman,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Popular TV shows, like “The Walking Dead,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Arrow,” have received enormous fan-bases among the geek culture, and receive huge ratings on television.

Geek culture has had such a huge impact around us that annual events are held to celebrate a part of geek culture. There are huge events like E3, Kawaii Kon, and Comic-Con to celebrate the culture and passion of geeks. Many of these events are very popular among the public, with Comic-Con being so popular among the nation that over 100,000 passes are sold out after the first couple of hours of being available to purchase despite having a very complicated and restricted way of purchasing them.

Writing about why geeks are cool makes it sound if I am a geek, and the truth is I am. I have always been a geek, even if I did not realized it until my adolescent years. I am a geek of many things, such as movies, video games, super heroes, science-fiction, fantasy, etc. I am not ashamed of being a geek, and I am proud to be one.

There is no shame in being a geek. Actually, being a geek is awesome. It’s not that being a geek makes you different than others, but that being a geek makes you more unique to others. If you are a geek, then take pride in yourself, and if you are not a geek, then it is worth the time to get to know one.