Opinion: Tait Talks: Think before you post

Social media is something our generation has essentially grown up with. It is, at this point, a constant in our lives. However, while Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook keep us close and connected, they can also easily tear us apart.

I personally have had a Facebook from the beginning of my seventh grade year, with the permission of my mother. Instagram popped up into my life right around midterms of my freshman year, and then Snapchat quickly followed. I am not afraid to say that I check Snapchat and Instagram pretty much every day, since it is right there in my back pocket.

I do, however, think about the fact that “overposting” is a thing, and it can get very annoying to people. Oversharing your life can lead you to irritating (and possibly getting ignored by) the people who were curious and interested in what you were doing.

To say that one does not try to look “cooler” online would be like saying a human does not need water to survive. The fact is, we all try and put our “best face forward” on social media, whether that be looking good or having a good time. We post the best angles on Instagram, or film the best parties on Snapchat. Many of us are obsessed with the likes or views we get on social media, when in fact, those things you can land you in hot water.

This might be just me, but thinking before you post something might benefit you. While you may think you look cool by filming yourself “raging” with your “squad” you may just look like a jerk to the exact people you are trying to impress, either back home or who you are currently with. As much as you would like to deny it, photos and videos really do speak a thousand words, and someone may get hurt or disappointed from those “words” that you upload.

Boys and girls alike are guilty of this, both guilty for trying just a little too hard. Even I am guilty of this! “Why is no one liking my picture?” has been uttered from my lips, as well as many of friends. It has become such a part of us, so ingrained in our system, that we care enough about who likes or sees our photos.

Here is my issue: Post it, show everyone you are having the time of your life. But, please, think a little. Every status and post you put onto social media has the ability of ruining someone’s day, so go with caution. If you know that a video of you draped over some girl/guy is going to upset someone you know that you “care” about, then maybe refrain from putting it where everyone and their mothers can see.

There is almost no escaping the void of Instagram, the black hole of Facebook, or the vacuum of Snapchat. It has literally surrounded us. If you are not on one of them, someone around you is. Being on social media is not a bad thing, but know that you could potentially have hundreds or even a thousand people looking at what you are putting out there. Think carefully. Would you want your grandmother to see what you are posting, or even your parents? If not, maybe think again. Being cool may not be as important as you think it is.