Meet Molly Schad, Seabury Hall’s new chorus teacher


Ally Smith

Molly Schad, Seabury Hall’s new upper school and middle school chorus teacher, has fresh new ideas for the school’s choirs.

Music has the power to inspire, and this is certainly true for Seabury Hall’s new upper and middle school choir teacher Molly Schad.

“My Heart Will Go On,” Titanic’s memorable theme song, ignited the spark to Schad’s music career. The first time this song’s melody reached her ears, she knew her destiny was to pursue music.

Schad was raised in a family with a natural love for music. She chose to follow in the footsteps of her older sister, who also loved choir and was a part of her school chorus.

Schad was inspired by an early music teacher to make choir an important element in her life. Schad recalled her teacher’s words of wisdom: “Choir is like poetry. It’s more than just standing and singing.” This line inspired her to reserve choir as a major element in her future.

Despite her seemingly straightforward path to music teaching, Shad experienced a few bumps along the way. As a young girl, she considered becoming a performer. However, after she took a local dance class and realized her clumsiness, her plans to perform professionally were thrown out the window.

Shad has also always had a passion for all things food related: cooking, taste testing, and even just observing. She briefly considered a career as a food blogger, but she lacked the photography skills necessary to maintain this as a full-time career.

This year marks Schad’s fifth year as a music teacher. She recently transferred from Tucson, Arizona where she taught three years of high school chorus and one year of middle school chorus.

The transition from a public to private school was relieving to Schad, who described the experience as a breath of fresh air. A highlight to her difficult transition was the friendly greeting she received from Seabury Hall’s student base, especially the music community. Not only were her classes warm and welcoming, but they also demonstrated a passion for singing, easily shown by their willingness to learn.

Schad hopes to recruit more aspiring singers to the chorus, as well as include more dancing and performing aspects to the chorus.

One member of the upper school chorus, senior Allie Rudow, noted, “Ms. Schad has brought in a fresh look to the chorus. It’s nice to hear her new ideas, and this year she has had us incorporate dancing into our performances, which is definitely different from the past. It’s a lot of fun!”

Schad would also like to see the chorus become more involved in the community, which could mean more concerts outside of school.

Schad and the Seabury chorus will host their first performance on Friday, Oct. 10. It will be an outdoor concert on the Seabury Hall campus next to the fire pit. There will be smores and Halloween-themed songs around the campfire. Audience participation is encouraged, so everyone should come support Seabury Hall’s chorus and its newest faculty member Ms. Molly Schad.